When we consider taking a new path for our health it can feel a bit exciting, uncomfortable and sometimes downright overwhelming. Have you ever gotten stuck because change seems a little too difficult? Here are some simple tips.

Set a date – be sure that you pick a time when making changes can be a “front burner item”. Don’t try to make new changes when you’re already struggling with other adjustments in your life.

Share your date – tell your friends and loved ones about your plan so that you can have some support. Ask for their help and understanding.

Be open and curious about the change process and what may come up for you – sometimes when you make changes, there can be some inner turmoil related to past changes you’ve made. Accept this opportunity to learn and grow.

Welcome some new routines and keep some old ones to help you feel grounded.

Be gentle with yourself – find one comforting activity to do every day.

Have a short “to do” list so you can see that you’re making progress – limit to three items.

Schedule yourself some time to relax and goof off – this will keep your creative juices flowing.

Avoid taking on new unnecessary responsibilities than can distract you from the changes you’re trying to make.

At the end of each day, reflect on your experiences in the change process. What are you grateful for? What will make tomorrow better? What are you proud of?

Making changes in our health and life is not an easy process. With patience, self-compassion and a little structure, we can become unstuck and open the door to new possibilities.