Many over the counter products, vitamins and supplements claim to help improve your health, but the best strategies for boosting your immune system involve some simple steps anyone can start with. Three of the best success strategies to boost your immune system are:

Practicing self-compassion

Getting quality sleep

Eating a variety of real foods

Let’s look at each of these success strategies in turn.

Self compassion has been studied in relation to its effects on cells that are connected with inflammation and the immune system. People who have the qualities of self-compassion, demonstrate lower levels of inflammation measured in blood tests. Unlike compassion for others, or self-esteem, self-compassion is directing our feelings of love and acceptance toward ourselves. This means that we lovingly support, encourage and nurture ourselves the way we would a precious child. It follows that using the foundation of self-compassion, we are more likely to take care of our bodies and surround ourselves with kindness and support from others.

Self compassion lays a brilliant foundation for our immune system. Next, quality sleep provides time for our bodies to repair, regenerate and recharge.  As when we were little, we can still benefit from a bedtime ritual that enhances quality sleep. This includes:

watching the sunset in the evening

dimming our lights about an hour before bed

journaling about our day

doing evening activities that promote peace, calm and relaxation

When we sleep well, we wake with more energy for the day, less stress, and fewer cravings for starches and sugar.

Once we’ve set ourselves up with a good night’s sleep, we can turn to planning our nourishment.  Keeping things simple by eating foods that are in their most natural form is a good start.  In addition, eating a variety of colorful pesticide-free plant foods can go a long way toward preserving our health. Eating plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables offers a range of nutrients and antioxidants as well, powerful disease-fighting molecules found in certain foods such as berries, legumes and apples. Eating a rainbow every day will help you achieve a balanced diet.

While there are many other ways to enhance your immune system health, these are three basic foundations that will serve you well.  Try these strategies and see what a difference they make to your health and well being.