1. Get out in nature with yourself or someone in your home.

2. Home exercise – Planet Fitness and other gyms have free exercise classes – take advantage

3. Dance party – put on some favorite playlists and move to music for 15 minutes at least once a day – the kids love this too!

4. Upload positive podcasts such as 10% Happier Podcast

5. Use Calm, Insight Timer or other Apps for guided mindfulness breaks to soothe stress and worry

6. Make a list of the positive changes that have resulted from quarantine such as no commuting, healthier meals, more family time, focused work time and others.

7. Plan virtual coffee breaks, book discussions, party times, and family meals to connect with others.

8. Reach out to your friends and loved ones regularly to check on them and offer support.

9. Start the day helping yourself with activities such as self-massage with warm oil, meditation, or a fun activity.

10. Calm down with some Soft Belly Breathing (see Dr. James Gordon on YouTube)

More than a pill and a pat on the back!

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