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Family can be a wonderful social support and connection if the relationships are positive and healthy. How can we keep these connections going with our loved ones, when we are safe at home and social distancing?

First, remember that connecting is vital to our well-being. The need for social connection has deep cultural roots as we consider that early humans bonded together in groups or tribes for survival.

In contrast to basic survival, several studies over the past 40 years that have suggested that social relationships may greatly enhance health and wellness by helping us to feel more positive and less depressed, and by contributing to our sense of belonging and security.

Using virtual meetings is a way that most of us are solving the issue of social distance. Phone calls and letters can be helpful as well.  In our family, some of the members are naturally comfortable with internet meeting. However, for those who feel that they have nothing positive or useful to contribute, it can make this interaction feel burdensome.

Here are some ideas to foster fun and meaningful meetings:

  • Set a regular day and time for virtual social connection, considering outside commitments such as work.
  • Ask the most outgoing group members of the group to help come up with a list of ideas, themes, games or other discussions to foster participation and connection.
  • Listen to everyone and check in to see if you understood what they are trying to express.  Stay on topic so that everyone feels heard.
  • Limit the time for the meeting, 30-45 minutes are enough for many groups.

It’s also important to have regular contact with at least one person you can confide in.  I find this valuable, as sometimes, I just want to express my dark as well as my light side. I don’t live in the dark, but it pops up at times. Having a trusted friend helps me to feel less lonely during those moments.

We all need each other, especially now during such dramatic shifts in our lives.

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