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Functional Medicine

Caring for and maintaining the body’s health is an act of integrating treatment methods, not separating them. At Lisa G Gold Family Health NP PLLC, we prioritize a method of functional medicine that treats the unified system of your body, mind and spirit.

The concept of “functional medicine” springs from the idea that medical care is an act of integration, not separation. Instead of simply addressing different symptoms across separate areas, functional medicine seeks to treat the issues that altogether affect the unified system of your body, mind and spirit.

The principles that characterize Functional Medicine care are as follows:

  • Medical practitioners prioritize quality over quantity with their patients. Rather using a diagnosis-based approach, practitioners seek to understand your body’s unique reponse to your internal and external environment as a foundation for care.
  • We view people as changing physical, emotional and spiritual beings and respect the mind-body connection that drives health and wellness.
  • We recognize the body as a complex web of interconnected systems, that a change in one area will impact the others.
  • We empower patients to take responsibility for their role in a therapeutic partnership for healing.

Using the functional medicine approach can allow patients who have been searching for solutions to their problems for years to finally have hope. Instead of relying on being prescribed medications again and again for temporary relief, Lisa Gold and her team of collaborative practitioners use a personalized approach to healing. After understanding the factors that led to dis-ease, the team finds specific entry points to begin the healing process.

Since the founding of her practice, Lisa Gold, FNP and her referral team have helped patients heal from life-altering conditions such as fatigue, autoimmnue imbalance, irritable bowel syndrome, arthritis, migraines, and more.

Whether the Gentle Integrative Care approach is your first functional medicine experience or simply the latest one, we’ll do everything in our power to find an effective treatment.  We want to be the last stop you need to make on your journey.

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