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Gluten Sensitivity

There’s more to treating a gluten sensitivity than may initially meet the eye. As part of the Gentle Integrative Care approach, we’ll help you look beyond notifications on food packaging and formulate an effective meal plan that is free of any gluten products.

While it is easy to dismiss gluten allergies as a new-age fad, there is actually significant science behind it that demonstrates the serious effects on one’s health that it can take.

Gluten is a protein molecule that can be found in wheat, barley, rye, and many of the grains. Most breads you come across will likely have gluten in them. Conversely, most nuts, seeds, meats, eggs, dairy, fruit, and vegetables are gluten-free.

To be classified as “gluten-free,” a food must contain less than 30 parts per million of gluten. However, those who suffer from a strong allergy, or Celiac disease, have been known to develop reactions caused by foods with gluten levels as low as 3 parts per million.

More than 18 million Americans are suffering from some form of gluten sensitivity, and such a sensitivity can lead to conditions as minor as a rash and as serious as a seizure. In other words, those with a gluten sensitivity cannot rely on a food package’s label alone. To make matters worse, most traditional clinicians only look for gluten sensitivity in the GI tract and not throughout the body.

Lisa G Gold Family Health NP PLLC recognizes the potential benefits of gluten avoidance for patients who are struggling with chronic illness. We also recognize that many of the gluten-free processed foods lack the proper nutritional value contained in whole food approaches.

We supply you with personalized menus and recipes to support your needs.  We recognize that you may have family members that you must consider when preparing meals. We will support your efforts in making your meal plan work.

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