Danielle Molella

Danielle was born and raised in the beautiful Hudson Valley. After almost twenty years living away from her hometown, she came back to her roots, and is finally doing what she loves!

Danielle attended both Syracuse University in upstate New York and Wentworth Institute of Technology in Boston, MA, where she earned a degree in Industrial Design. When she was 26 years old, she ventured out to the Pacific Northwest. The company she worked for in Boston sent her across the United States to train another person to take over her position when they sold the company. Because July is one of the most amazing months of the year to be in the Pacific Northwest, her three-week gig turned into a little over nine

In 2004, while living in Seattle, Danielle decided to get professional training in something that felt very natural to her, helping people heal. She continued to work full-time as a designer while she went to school at night and on the weekends to become a Licensed Massage Practitioner and Professional Bowenwork Practitioner. The West coast is a wonderful place to explore alternative health. Danielle is grateful to receive her training out West and very excited to be able to share her knowledge and healing here in the Hudson Valley.

Since moving back, Danielle has expanded her knowledge of the body by taking advanced training classes in Applied Myoskeletal Therapy and also the Voila Method.

Danielle practices Bowen Therapy at her private office in Millbrook, NY and also takes appointments Poughkeepsie, NY and Rhinebeck, NY. She is passionate about helping others on their journey to physical and emotional healing.

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