Shari Riley

Shari L. Riley is a Spiritual Counselor and Intuitive Healer. For Shari, the journey toward really understanding her own Authentic Journey – her soul’s mission – began back in 2000 when, as a trained life coach, she started inspiring women to live their dreams. By 2006 she had received her Certification in Integrated Energy Therapy and began to truly explore and embrace her identity as a healer. Shari has continued to train and expand her innate intuition to create her own technique of healing. By identifying the age at which a client’s particular emotional block manifested, she opens a door that allows healing and a deep understanding of that which keeps one from
embracing or releasing elements of her life. “My passion is to facilitate healing in others and walk beside them as they discover their Authentic Journey. I help people understand that they have their own individual paths to healing. I am here to be their guide.”

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