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“I have more energy …”

“I have more energy, less anxiety and depression, and have less aches and pains. The type of care Lisa offers is centered on the whole person. ” EM

“The difference has been profound…”

“Sheila’s coaching was life altering.  The mix of diet suggestions, meditation, recommendations, positive coaching reinforcements and guidance to look within keeps me continually making better choices every day.  I journaled during our sessions and check back over my notes to stay strong. I’m forever grateful.” – KD

“My health is improving…”

I’ve been working with Lisa for a few months now and my health is improving and my awareness with food has never been better. I highly recommend Lisa! – LG

“I was in the middle of a health crisis…”

“I was in the middle of a health crisis at the time and Lisa was wonderful. She spent about two hours with me on my first visit and we went through my entire health background from when I was a baby until then. Lisa was very methodical and caring. She prescribed some blood work, change in diet, some supplements and helped me regulate my BP with the right medications. Her process works and her gentle approach was such a relief after the way I had been treated by the standard medical system. I am doing so much better now! Thank you Lisa! I highly recommend Lisa. She can help you get to the bottom of your health issues, once and for all.” MT

“I am stronger and healthier than ever…”

“Regular treatments with Liz for acupuncture and massage are a vital part of my health regimen in the ongoing work to regain strength and flexibility after a paralyzing illness. I highly recommend her. Thanks to her treatments and tips for healthy living and exercise I am stronger and healthier than ever”. -CL

“There was a time when I never believed I’d feel this way again…”

“I am happy to say that, although I am still a work in progress, I am a good way along the path to wellness… There was a time when I never believed I’d feel this way again, but I am happy to say that after all these years of debilitating ill health I finally feel alive and happy and human again, and can once again find joy in each day. I am beyond grateful that there are health care professionals like Lisa who understand that, certainly with regard to autoimmune diseases, it is imperative to treat a patient holistically, and look beyond just medicating a symptom, for wellbeing to be restored. And I am personally grateful, of course, to Lisa for my own improved and ever improving health and wellness.”

The biggest shift for me was expanding my love for who I am…”

“Before beginning Ondrea’s program I was wondering about what it meant to be disciplined physically and in terms of what I chose to eat — in a freer/less rigid way than is the typical talk/mode out in the exercise/nutrition world. During the program I felt good, happy, supported by Ondrea’s resources and guidance. What I really received from doing this was a deeper connection to my body and my spirit in my body. The biggest shift for me was expanding my love for who I am, where I am, and knowing that when I make a choice, I can and do follow through! I would recommend working with Ondrea to all open-minded people who are sick of the same old intense and spirit-numbing approach to health & wellness. Ondrea brings joy and unconditional love to the program, Thank you Ondrea” – JA

“Shari is someone who helps people find solutions…” 

“For those of us who know you we can get very esoteric in our definition of what you do. However I believe in remaining open to the beginner mind, so for those who don’t know what an intuitive is, the word itself may set off confusion. I’d say you are an authenticity coach- someone who helps people find solutions to whatever is interfering in their achieving freedom from dis-ease of spirit, generationally inherited and impacting in their present. This awareness helps authentic choices become more clear, benefiting and healing the future.”  – J

She works magic with her hands, and knows exactly how to relieve the aches and pains…”

Dr. Miranda’s reputation speaks for itself: she’s amazing.  When I first came to Miranda, I had been in tremendous pain for weeks from a herniated disc.  She taught me all about the inner-workings of my spine, in a way that was very understandable, and immediately started me on a path to recovery!  She works magic with her hands, and knows exactly how to relieve the aches and pains, no matter where my problem areas are.  Her sunny disposition and peaceful demeanor always help the healing & relaxation process too!   There’s a reason I drive 45 minutes to see Dr. Miranda, instead of going to a chiropractor that’s closer to my home:  you just can’t be in better hands than Dr. Miranda’s!” – SF

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